Change in Fulfillment

Well, in light of being a solopreneur, and after about a year and a half of shipping orders out of my home office, I've finally relinquished control of this portion of the business. 

I've really enjoyed writing a personal note on each invoice in the past, to thank our vendors for their business. And of course, I felt better ensuring that each order was hand-packed and double checked. 

The good news is that ordered will be shipped more quickly, ideally next-day. I finally came to this decision when I was really sick the other weekend, and got really behind on shipments.

That's not the kind of service I want to give to to Kini Bands' retailers so while you won't be getting a hand-written note, your orders will be shipped with the utmost care and shipped immediately under the same roof that they are made. 

Should you have any issues with your orders at all, please contact me anytime.

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