About Kini Bands & Joanna


The line started with our durable no-break hair ties, which I discovered while starting a swimwear line called KINSMAN. I was playing around with extra materials one night when the power was out in Marina del Rey, and I decided to get creative with the extra bikini strings and cord ends that I had.

From these materials, I made some bracelets. I kept wearing them, and friends started asking me how they could get them in different colors. It wasn't until about a year later that I thought to use one has a hair tie, and it worked perfectly - better even - than most.

I posted them on social media and immediately had people asking to buy them. The collection ensued and became its own line of accessories called Kini Bands: "Kini", like "bikini and "Bands", like hair bands. 

Kini Bands can now be found in 11 countries, and nearly 200 stores, hotels, salons and fitness studios. Be sure to keep up with Kini Bands, as we continuing to reach locations and wrists all over the world.



I grew up in a tiny town in Maine and always loved to design. My mom had been a seamstress to a designer before I was born, and from an early age, I became fascinated with colors, prints, textures and construction of garments and jewelry. 

My folks were business owners themselves, and I went on to study entrepreneurship at the University of New Hampshire where I was a college athlete.

Shortly after school, I moved to California, and became involved in marketing, which was a perfect segue back to my passions of business and design. 

I'm also passionate about helping other designers, inventors and business owners to bring their ideas to life and to market. 

- Joanna Kinsman, Founder & Designer