Kini Bands Holiday Trial Kit
Kini Bands

Kini Bands Holiday Trial Kit

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What You'll Get:

      • 6 Mermaid Hair Ties in Nickel Finish
      • 2 Single Siren Head Bands
      • 2 Crown of Titan Spa Sweat Bands
      • 2 Calypso Turban Head Wraps
      • Includes Top-Selling Colors & Prints
      • 5x7" Frame with Marketing Sign
      • Business Card Holder With Cards
      • Holiday Gift Boxes with Bows

Unit Pricing:

Hair Ties
Wholesale $3.00 MSRP $7.00

Siren Head Bands

Wholesale $5.50 MSRP $12.50

Crown of Titan

Wholesale $5.50 MSRP $12.50

Calypso Turbans
Wholesale $9.50 MSRP $22.50

Extended Starter Kit:
Product Wholesale Value: $60.00
Display & Box Value: $10.00
Total Retail Value: $134

Kini Bands Are Brand New Handmade Hair Ties & Head Bands
From Southern California That Your Visitors Will Love